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My current teaching fee is $350 for a 6 hour class, $250 for a 3-4 hour class. I also require travel
reimbursement (for car travel, round trip at IRS/mile reimbursement rate; overnight accommodations and
meals for distances of more than 150 miles; for air travel, air fare and any necessary ground travel,
meals, and accommodations).

I have be teaching quiltmaking since 1983 and have other classes not listed here.  I am always working
on new classes.  If you have a request,
contact me. I may have something that could fill your needs.

Some of the more popular classes are listed here.
Stained Glass Quilting
Techniques were featured in
Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine Quilt It for Christmas, 2003
Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, # 98 (December 1998)
Miniature Quilts, # 53(May 01) and  #69(Dec/Jan 04)
All Levels
Any of the patterns may be used as a class
also known as
Farmer's Fancy
Intermediate and  Confident Beginners

Featured in
Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine, # 350
Quilting Today, # 88
Quilting Quarterly, # 122
Quilting Quarterly # 153
This is an unusual design that surfaced during the
West Virginia's documentation project.  It's an explosive
design - a twelve point rosette surrounded by three rings
of triangles.  Foundation piecing is used to construct the
triangle rings, faced appliqué for the rosette, and the
resulting 21" circle  is sewn into a 24" background

One Day (6 hour) Option:
Class project is the one ring version.  Pattern and some
instruction for the two ring and three ring versions will be

Two Day (12 hour) Option:
Get a very good start on completing all three rings.

Celtic Appliqué by Machine
Intermediate and Confident Beginners
6 hours
Learn the basics of Celtic interlaced appliqué design
by constructing this 12" block.  The class project
incorporates bias preparation, bias placement, and
machine sewing techniques.  The project can be
finished as a pillow top or framed with a simple Celtic
border to make a small wall hanging.
Intermediate and Confident Beginners
6 hours
A quilt that resides at the Pearl S. Buck Birthplace
in Hillsboro, WV, inspired this project.  The 14
spoke design resembles Dresden Plate, but
shapes set in between the spokes provide a
challenge.  Strip piecing and freezer paper
templates will aid in its construction.  The class
project is a 18" pieced block.
Round Compass - class will  focus on using a
variety of paper foundation techniques to sew
Compass measuring 14" point to point.


Oval Compass - more challenging - Class
project is a 14" x 18" design.
Mariner's Compass
Round or Oval
(two separate classes)
6 hours
String Pieced Eight Point Star
Confident beginners and above
6 hours
Use a variety of strips to create scrap stars
just like our quilting grandmothers did! Use
template free methods to cut the patches and
precision piecing to sew a smooth star
center and set in corners.
Christmas Collection,  Peace - 3-4 hours

Floral, Holy Family, Joy, one panel from Spring Windows,
Summer Garden, Winter Time, Autumn Days, Along the Coast
or Country Morning  - 6 hours

Spring Windows, Summer Garden, Winter Time or Autumn
Days also work well as a 2 day class