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 I am proud to have been part of the West Virginia Heritage
Quilt Search.  This was a volunteer effort to document
pre-1940 quilts residing in West Virginia.  In 1992, quilt
documentation days were held throughout our state.  Many
guilds and Extension Homemakers groups 4000 items.  The
information was later transcribed into a computer data base
and information, stories and photos were published in 2000 in
West Virginia Quilts and Quiltmakers, Echoes from the Hills  
by Fawn Valentine.  The collected data has all been stored in
the archives at the Culture Center in Charleston, WV.

The Alliance for American Quilts is a non-profit organization
whose mission is "to document, preserve, and share our
American quilt heritage".  Together with the University of
Michigan, they have developed an impressive quilt research
The Quilt Index which makes available information
gathered during various documentation projects.  The
information gathered during the West Virginia project has
been added to the site.  This information is now available to
serious quilt scholars worldwide, as well as to anyone
interested in viewing, studying and just plain enjoying our
state's wonderful quilting heritage.
West Virginia Heritage Quilt Search